Please allow 2-4 days for processing of your order. You order will be delivered via UPS Ground Service. Please allow 2-3 weeks for standard ground delivery from the date you place your order.

To order: click the “add to cart” button for each item that you wish to purchase.  Increase or decrease the quantity using the “+” or “-” icon.  Shipping will be calculated on the total amount of your purchase.

If you accidentally select an item more than once, you can delete the unwanted item from the Cart screen by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the bottom right corner. Simply place a checkmark in the remove box, or change the quantity and press the “update cart” button. You can view your order anytime before checkout by clicking on the “Cart” icon on the bottom right of any screen.

Shipping and handling fees are as follows:

$ 0.01 – 12.00 (up to 2 bags) $ 7.50*
$ 12.01 – 24.00 (3-4 bags) $ 12.00*
$ 24.01 – 72.00 (5-12 bags) $ 20.00*
$ 72.01 or more (13 or more bags) $ 30.00*

*Subject to change without notice

PLEASE NOTE: Due to costly shipping for International orders, we will only process orders and accept payment to US domestic delivery addresses through our website. If you wish to place an order for international shipping, please call our toll-free number or send an email and we’ll be happy to handle your order on an exception basis.